Monday, February 18, 2013

Two presents for The One I love

Today I'm going to show you two birthday presents I've made for my boyfriend. I wanted to make something useful and unique at the same time - and the most important thing was of course that it should be something that he will like. Since he likes Formula 1 very much and respects Ayrton Senna for what he achieved as an F1 driver and for his personality, I decided to follow this path.
So the first present (from 2011) is a hand-painted T-shirt with the Ayrton Senna S on it. I made a couple of photos during painting it:
Firstly, I printed a template and put it between the two layers of the T-shirt and then I painted it with a thin brush.

The second present (from 2012) is a bag with Ayrton Senna's helmet on it. It is painted with the same method as the T-shirt but the bag itself is also homemade. 

I tried to mix the colours so that they match the original helmet, here is how it turned out:

(I don't have any photos of the final version, I forgot to take a photo when the red part was also finished.)

What's your opinion about the presents?

See you soon,

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