Friday, January 18, 2013


It's not the best idea to start a blog with a long break right away, is it? The reason for me being so silent was the exam period at the university. I'm over the worst, there are only two exams left. :)

I want to show you a present I've made about a year ago for a friend of mine. It's a felted pen, it's partly made with the traditional felting technique, partly with needlefelting.

For making the tulip, I used the instructions found here. Firstly, I felted a ball with a glass marble inside of it, then cut it on one side in the shape of an "X". I took out the glass marble, and continued felting until the tulip had its final shape.

Then I felted the body of the pen, and used needlefelting for the finishing touches: I put the tulip on its place and added a green leaf as well, to make the pen more colorful and tulip-like. :)

Do you like it? :) 

See you soon,


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